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Project Initiation

The underlying and most essential step while building up an application is to gather information and understand the requirement of the client, their business structure and their objectives behind the development.

Analysis, Architecture and Prototypes

Our team of technical analysts and consultants carry out functional analyzes, feasibility studies, information stream structure and framework engineering plans to develop a scalable and high-performance working prototype of the project.

Quality Assurance

At Technometrics solution, all projects must experience quality test relating to internationally acknowledged practice and QA benchmarks which are supported by advanced testing tools and technologies.

People Focused

At the other end of each screen we design for is one of your clients. Their experience with your application is significant to your web application’s success.


As the project moves past the development stage, it is deployed on locally hosted server to determine its stability and ease of user in different stages. Applications are subjected to manual or automated test situations with the goal that if fulfills the predefined service requirements.

Support and Maintenance

At Technometrics Solution, We offer scheduled and adaptive maintenance support to our client’s applications, ensuring that the applications dependably stay in the up mode.

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